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The Old Hose Job.

I see it becoming more frequent lately, but when you sign a deal to Write/ Draw a comic and come to find later that the person who employed you was less than honest and leaves you hanging it can be devastating. I've been through it, I know of dozens of others who have as well, and the only way it will stop it seems to me is to name names.

I tried this action before, and was met with resistance, as if it was a crime to name those who would cheat you and others. You expect people would want to know who's Bad News or who to Trust. But they give the argument that talking ill of others looks bad on you.

Back in 1999 I got a contract signed with Kirk Lindo at BrainStorm Comics to draw pin-up's for a few books, I was promised payment after the books hit the shelves, as the story goes Kirk Lindo stopped returning my phone calls and letters sent by Mail. He just disappeared. I drew over 31 pin-up's and later found out he sold everyone of them on Ebay and kept that money on top of publishing my work. I even tried to file a small claims case, but he no longer (or never did0 have an office at the address in the comic, so I really had no recourse.

A year later I found out Kirk Lindo has done this to dozens of people, writers, artists, etc. over the years. And I thought if I had known about this guy I would have never submitted work to him, it was a hard lesson.

It is very important to know who you are working with, contracts mean nothing if they are not actionable, you need a physical address, phone number, meet in person if possible. Do some research, google works great!

It takes a real low life scumbag to seek out hopeful artists and writers and steal from them, and smile while doing it, so wake up cause they are out there and there's a lot more of them now.

So KIRK LINDO, you're on the list buddy!

Here is an example of how Kirk Lindo conducts business… Checkout this new blog THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO DEADBEATS IN COMICS… for more information about Lindo and others.

Some other complaints about Kirk Lindo…

On May 5th Kirk Lindo signed up to Deviant Art as Jason Fuller/ ILOVEMYCOMICS and began ranting and personally attacking me and other artists, even created a blogger page to echo his rantings. Check this blackpyramidstudios.blogspot.c… for more info.

Morgan Welborn published in 2000 by Kirk Lindo/ Brainstorm Comics 31 Pin-up's in all [18 Luxura and 13 Buxotica] 24 Published! Looking for back issues to confirm the others.

Vamperotica Pin-Up Special #1 + 7 pin-up's…

Vamperotica Illustrated #3 [No credit] + 4 Pin-up's…

Buxotica #1a Cover artist + 13 Pin-ups [No artist or contact info]…